The Code Of Ethics For Nursing Practice Essay

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Nursing practice is the foundation on which we provide competent care to patients. The guidelines we follow to provide safe, compassionate, competent, and ethical care are outlined in the Code of Ethics (Canadian Nurses Association, 2008). This code guides nurses in the minimum care that we should provide to our patients. Nursing practice needs The Code of Ethics to help teach nurses the kind of care we should be providing, and to also help when we face an ethical situation that needs resolving. It is an important tool to use when dealing with social issues. The code also gives input where ethical decisions may be blurred. There are many global issues that make the ethics of nursing more complicated due to an individuals’ beliefs and values. The Code of Ethics is essential to nursing practice not only for guidance on ethical experiences but also for the ever changing profession of nursing through both global issues and controversial medical advances. Firstly, the Code of Ethics provides insight into ethical experiences that nurse’s encounter during their practices. These ethical experiences include ethical problems, uncertainty, dilemmas, distress, residue, disengagement, violations, and courage. Ethical experiences happen every day to nurses everywhere and the Code uses these as a framework for those experiences. It is important for nurses to have an idea of how to react properly to the issues they encounter. For example, an ethical violation is when someone’s…

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