The Cloning Of Human Cloning Essays

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In the 21st century, human cloning has become more of a common topic as technology advances. However no cloning of humans has occurred yet, we have the technology to do it. Cloning is to ‘create a genetically identical copy of another organism’. In order to clone an animal, a healthy skin cell or tissue of the animal is required. The process of cloning is still in its early developmental and testing stages, and requires many attempts to be successful. Ever since the first mammal was cloned, many issues related to cloning have been brought up.

Genetic cloning is the process of creating an exact genetic copy of the original organism. This process can happen naturally through pregnancy, where the embryo divides into two during early stages of development where there is only a small number of specialised cells. Cloning can also happen artificially, such as in a process called ‘Artificial Embryo Twinning’. This process mimics the natural process that creates twins; however, it is carried out in a petri dish instead of being inside the mother’s body. Once the embryo is divided, the embryos are transferred into a surrogate mother’s body where normal development occurs. While this process is often used in the cattle and sheep industries, it has never been performed on humans before. This process could possibly be perfected and applied to humans, which raises a lot of debates about human rights and humanity.

The limitation with Artificial Embryo Twinning however, is that the…

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