The Climate Of The Western United States Essay

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The environment has a large impact on the actions of humans. People adapt to their enviroment in order to survive and to make living more enjoyable. The climate of the western United States greatly influenced the culture and lifestyle of the native americans. When the Europeans invaded North America, the environment shaped the relationship between the natives and the Europeans. Historically the relationship between the natives and the European settlers is characterized by the anamosity between the two. This agreswsiveness torwards one another can be seen in the relationship between the Cheyenne natives and the settlers of the Colorado gold rush. The major changes in the enivronment pushed the Cheyenne natives and the European into conflict with one another. The planet is constantly going through cycles of climate and envronmental changes whether its drought, wet periods, ice ages, or heat waves it all effects the inhabitance. Elliott West, an author and proffessor at the University of Arkansas said "These changes in flora and in the weather almost certainly were linked in some way to another stunning change-the disappearance of dozens of species on the plains and in North America at large.".1 As he said changes in the climate can have a large effect and the organisms living in the area. An example is the great potatoe phamon in Ireland, the disappearance of a important resources meant the people who depended on it had to adapt. The people living in North America went…

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