Essay about The Classroom Of The United States Universities

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Classroom Life in the U.S. Universities “The more I spoke with international students, the more I noticed familiar refrains that both educated me and reminded me about my own U.S. and academic culture” (Nathan 67). An anthropologist, Rebekah Nathan went undercover – she goes back to school as a freshman at her own university to see the campus through student eyes. This decision was made as she wanted to analyze and examine the campus life fairly instead of having the often professor-student research studies. By interviewing international students, she could see Americans as an outsider where she learnt relationships and friendships, classroom life, and worldview of American students in the U.S. college life are depicted different to non-Americans. Nathan’s claim regarding classroom life in the U.S universities is convincing since U.S. college classroom is seen as informal, U.S college students got freedom of choices, and the U.S grading system is distinct to others. The U.S college classroom is known with their informality. According to Nathan, most foreign students and even U.S adults who have been away long from academia notice there is informality to the U.S. college classroom (77). This is due to the students have freedom to do whatever they want. They can wear whatever they want to class and some of them even talk and sleep in class. They also can eat and drink throughout the class and step out of class in the middle of the class. Besides, learning style here is more…

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