The Classroom Is The Home Growth Of The Future Generations Essay examples

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The classroom is the home to growth of the future generations. In their seats they expand their knowledge and learn vital information. This information is currently being standardized by Common Core in forty-two states. Common Core is a state standard initiative that aims to “provide clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for college, career, and life” (make citation). This initiative lays out the foundation for education. It plans what students should be able to do at each grade level and what they should be learning. The initiative, which was launched in 2009, has now be effective in most states for nearly six years. Some parents and educators are advocates for Common Core, while some are opposed. In order to take a stance on Common Core, it is important to look at the effects it is having on schools, educators, and students.
Taking on the new set of standards, routes a change within the schools. The implementation of Common Core means that schools have had to adapt to the change in materials needed to aid the curriculum. This can cause problems for schools who do not have the money to afford new materials. Schools will need to purchase new textbooks, upgrade technology, and train teachers. This is not something that can be simply implemented, “states will spend up to an estimated $10 billion up front, then as much as $800 million per year for the first seven years that the controversial program is up and running” (Citation). Schools already have to…

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