The Civil War Of The United States Essay

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The Civil War
Jefferson Davis once said that, "The past is dead; let it bury its dead, its hopes and its aspirations; before you lies the future--a future full of golden promise, a future of expanding national glory, before which all the world shall stand amazed." This quote shows an aspect of realism in it by talking about how the past is the past and you can only look towards a brighter future. When Jefferson Davis said this he was the inaugurated president of the Confederate States of America in 1861. He believed that the southern states could be their own country and began new ideas. During the 1860’s, America was booming in all aspects of life and growing. Although America was advertised as the land of the free it still had some problems to work out. The Northern States were transitioning into an industrial power house, while the Southern States stuck to agriculture. The men in the North were learning how to work the new machines by going to schools and learning more. Compared to the South, the North was slightly more educated. This created a differential between The North and the South’s literature and ways of life. Over time it consumed the country and tour the country in two, causing the Civil War. The Civil War changed America forever, because it united it as one country and changed the thoughts and literature of the country.
In 1831, a slave by the name Nat Turner stared a rebellion in several plantations in southern Virginia. The slave uprising caused over sixty…

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