The Civil Rights Act Was Passed By Law Essay

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Out of everything that the American people hold dear, one of the most important is their civil rights. Some people may not see it that way, but others are so highly dependent on their civil rights that they use it so much to almost be a bad habit to get their way when they cannot any other way. Civil rights are a good thing if taken and used the right way. The people may know and love their civil rights, but do they know how the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed by law. Do they realize how the U.S Supreme Court System interpreted the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Some may know and some may not know, depending on the level of education and if they were to have paid attention or not. Those same guy of people may also say that the act completely got rid of discrimination, while others say that it did not. That may be because of the view that people take on benign and hurtful discrimination. Equal Opportunity and Equal Outcome are all a little confusing for some people and some may not realize what they actually mean and how it all goes together with discrimination. The 1964 Civil Rights Act passed into law with some great difficulty. For the ones that may not know what the 1964 Civil Rights Act achieved, it ended racial segregation and made most forms of discrimination, that included in places like schools, the work place, and even in public, against the law. It was first proposed by President John F. Kennedy, but it never actually made it to the voting process due to the fact that…

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