Essay on The City Of Schaumburg, Illinois

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The Village of Schaumburg, Illinois began its life as a rural farming community, with the majority of residents being of German decent. Since then, the suburb has transformed itself into a bustling entrepreneurial center and holds the title as the second-largest retail center in Illinois. The shift away from a rural community and into a large economic pull for Cook County began with the development of Woodfield Mall in 1971 by Taubman Centers. During this period, hundreds of malls were built around the United States, serving as tax shelters for developers (American Historical Review: Oct. 1996, Adam Ruins Everything). Many of these developments eventually fell into ruin, however since its development Woodfield and the suburb that houses it has only continued to thrive - despite the name Schaumburg being virtually unknown outside of Illinois and bordering towns in Wisconsin and Indiana.
Much of my analysis and findings rely on interviews and discussions I have had with people who have grown up with the mall as a fixture in the town, and have even worked at there at some point or another. It also draws on my own experiences as both a tourist and a resident of the area, as well as observations I have made in the area. The purpose of this paper is to analyze Schaumburg’s popularity and evaluate the reason of its success. Additionally, it will look at tourists who come to Schaumburg for the purpose of shopping and how the local people view the Schaumburg-area in regards to its…

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