The City Of Brasill City Essay

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Whole Brasill city was covered in the silvery snowy layer. It was a colossal city, a part of Durham Empire, accommodating tens of millions of people. Blankets of snowflakes covered the whole city and temperature was frighteningly low despite that whole city was filled with vigor. A wide variety of shops lined in Ronin Plaza, antique and art stall, Magic wands and weapons, stores selling winter clothes etc., all showcasing their finest products. Though the New Year was still a few months away, People already started preparing for it. Folks flocked in the plaza like fireflies to a lamp. Lovers strolled hand in hand, casually browsing, while housewives hustled and bustled, and haggling the price of fruits and daily necessities.
In the center of Brasill City was an exquisite palace, known as Joyeuse Palace. There lived the Yayati Family, the ruler of Brasill city. Brasill city was famous for their swordsmanship, and the greatest swordsman of all time was Magnes Yayati, and he wielded the legendary sword ‘Joyeuse’. It was believed that Joyeuse sword was once wielded by a War God, and by drinking the blood of other gods now it had become sentient and could only be wielded by Yayatis, the descendants of War Gods.
Joyeuse Place was named after Joyeuse Sword, and citizen of Brasill city look at the palace with veneration in their eyes. It was an extremely large palace, made with Azure color stones. It was encircled by 21 wards; the first ward was reserved for ministers, high…

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