The Church Of Scientology Is Not A Unique Case Essay

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However, as it currently stands, in many cases, those would-be tax dollars are being directly deposited into the pockets of greedy, corrupt clergymen that care less about what is in your heart and more about what is in your wallet. Bear in mind that the Church of Scientology brings in $500-550 million every year, according to an article by L. Christopher Smith for Entrepreneur. This church earns more in a year than most people will see in their entire lifetime, and yet none of it goes to the IRS; it remains in the money-grubbing hands of the church’s leaders. The Church of Scientology is not a unique case; the same truth applies to numerous other large religious organizations, making the story of the single mother and the pastor a largely truthful reflection of modern-day society, due to limitless corruption. The government is losing out on money, and many people are paying the price for it. Our country has to try to make up for the lost revenue from tax-exempt churches somehow: as a matter of fact, every individual citizens are paying for these tax breaks. Regardless of a person’s particular religious preference, it is typically unlikely that they would be willing to use their hard-earned money to fund religious ideologies and doctrines that differ completely from or even clash with their own. With that considered, one might find it rather surprising and upsetting that our current tax system utilizes this very practice. One of the most renowned American authors of all…

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