The Importance Of Church On The Church

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For every dollar in taxes a religious organization does not pay, you and I are paying for it. Churches have been tax-exempt since the start of our country. Our government and society are founded on the freedom to choose, freedom of faith and religion, but we all share the tax burden of religion, even if we choose not to practice it. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution clearly states churches are separate from the government. The First Amendment also states the freedom to express religion, but it is not free if we are all paying for it through taxation. We all pay taxes for the beliefs of others. The government should be treating religious believers and nonbelievers equally. Allowing churches to remain tax exempt means we …show more content…
Churches would become accountable for their property taxes. Many churches will have to surrender their property to the government because they won’t be able to afford the taxes they have to pay on it. Churches usually have favorable intentions, they provide a place for guidance, but this guidance is in a religious manner and is not an obligation of the government. If a church wants to provide instructions or guidance they can, but they should be under equal terms like any other organization. There are churches that contribute to society by doing charitable acts and they would be able to deduct those actual contributions on their taxes. Churches are not non-profit organizations, but are charitable.
Also, there is such an advantage of being tax exempt that organizations fake being a church to reap the benefits, costing tax payers even more money. There are very few requirements to be considered a religious organization. The government does not want to create many stipulations, because they try to be involved as much as possible. An organization faking being a church just to be tax exempt has a real economic cost. Frequently these organizations will go years before the government even suspects
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If we started taxing churches the money could go towards things such as food stamps lowering our taxes overall. If that doesn’t appeal to society, there are many other things the money could go towards. This could be decided by an annual vote allowing everyone to have a say on what to do with the 70 plus billion dollars. This would change our country dramatically. Whether we use the money to make breakfast and lunches, free to students from kindergarten until high school graduation or making community college little or no cost for everyone. The possibilities are endless and beneficial to the common good just as many churches seek out to

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