The Christian Origins Narrative And A Penobscot Origin Narrative

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Genesis: The Christian Origin Narrative and A Penobscot Origin Narrative
The article a Penobscot narrative is a powerful story from a man named Joseph Nicolar the story is called Klose-kur-beh, The Man from Nothing, he is supposed to be the first man to ever appear on the earth, who was clung to the dirt and risen by the great being and told to find companions to be their teacher and the great being shall be his. When the first mother heard of this she was disturbed and nothing seem to help her feel better. She told her husband to kill her and drag her flesh along the place until it went away and do the other side when you see bone, after this she told him to bury her bones and come back in 7 moons there would be plant to gather and eat. At first Klose-kur-beh was sad for losing his wife, but then found joy in seeing what she sacrificed and how it fed the people.
Genesis: The Christian Origin Narrative is literally passages taken from genesis, and talks about how god created the world in 7 days, created humans as well. God did not see all of his creations as equal he gave man rule over everything from the plants to the fish in sea, and animals on land. The entire books of genesis is not covered but it a pretty large chunk of the beginning. Most of the Europeans that came over would try to pass on this knowledge to the Native Americans.
The author’s point of view for A Penobscot Origin Narrative was to have a written account of the stories that had been passed along to…

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