Essay on The Christian Concept Of The Trinity

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This paper is an evaluation of the Christian concept of the Trinity. We will first define the term and examine Scriptural support, then review the initial historical development of the Trinity including heretical errors. We will switch to discussing the post-Schism adoption, further evolution and new heresies relating to the Trinity during that period. And finally, the paper will close with a personal appraisal and application.

Trinity Terminology and Scriptural Support
To begin, let’s define the Trinity. The word itself is not used in Scripture but was coined by Tertullian (165 to 220 A.D.) in a debate response to Praxeus on this topic (Ryrie 1999, 63). There are many definitions available, each one imperfect as we are discussing a mysterious and complex concept. As Justin Holcomb says in, Know the Creeds and Councils, “It is sometimes said that you cannot describe the Trinity without committing some sort of heresy” (67). However, Paul Enns’ definition in The Moody Handbook of Theology is sufficient, “While there is one God, there are three eternally distinct and equal persons in the Godhead, existing as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each is distinct from the other, yet the three are united as one God. The term Triunity may best express the idea” (762).
As mentioned, the word “Trinity” itself does not appear in Scripture. Rather than explicitly stated, it is implicit in the repeated expressions both from and about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit–from Genesis to…

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