Essay about The Chosen -Reb Saunders

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It takes a lot of trusting character to be able to be a Jewish Rabbi, but not just anybody can do it, its passed on by generation by the chosen family to take on that path. In the Chosen, a fictional novel by Chaim Potok is a story of Reuben Malter is a traditional teenage orthodox Jew who befriends Danny Saunders, a Hasid, which his father happens to be the well known infamous Reb Saunders. The religious tensions grow as Danny begins leave the destiny of becoming the next generation rabbi of the dynasty, Reb Saunders character is shown as he deals with Danny’s situation. Reb Saunders is fanatic pious tzaddik of his Hasid community, which mean he’s the head of the family dynasty. He is greatly respected as their leader and
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Soon afterward, Reb Saunders standing behind the podium, starts to make a word but pauses a moment and Reuben looks around him and observes how everybody in the room reacts. “I could see everyone leaning forward, eyes staring, mouths slightly open, some of the older men cupping their hands behind their ears to catch his words.” (189) Everybody was so engrossed in Reb Saunders next move; this demonstrated the respect they have for him because if they did not care they would be rude, talk or fall asleep, but they paid attention and were very attentive. Furthermore, Reb Saunders is a respected tzaddik leader of the community and by the outside because they way he reflects his brilliance and compassion. Reb Saunders has a powerful presence throughout the book. Reb Saunders can be quite powerful in his presence, his character is almost intimidating, with his tall build, dark brown eyes and beard, which shows authority. He also creates a spiritual inspiration with teaching Torah to his people. As a first example, Reuben Reb Saunders and he is finally introduced to him. As they exchange glances he feels a sudden anxiousness.“ I felt naked under his gaze” (183) Reb Saunders powerful presence makes Rueben feel naked under his gaze, intimidated because he doesn’t want to set the wrong impression since its his first time meeting him. Since, he knows he is a well known respected leader but he is coming to a Hasidic community knowing he is not. Later, the

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