The Chosen By Reuven Malter And Danny Saunders Essay

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"Arranged" and "The Chosen" are both stories about two young adults from different religions, but similar cultures, who form strong friendships as they mature into adult life. Rochel Meshenberg and Nasira Khaldi are two new teachers in a Brooklyn school, one Jewish one Muslim; whom are both having marriages arranged for them. In "The Chosen", Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders are two boys, one an Orthodox Jewish the other Hasidic Jewish, also in Brooklyn, who are going through school and determining their paths for the future. Both their friendships are affected by their religions which are, in a way, similar yet different enough to cause conflict. Their family and community, steeped in their religion, also play a large role in their friendships. The culture outside of their religions and family affect them as well, more so in "Arranged" with their work environment, although the university and outside world of secular academics does influence Danny somewhat in "The Chosen". Various things coming from the surrounding culture, their religions and family, affected and developed the friendships and search of who they are as individuals. In both stories there is a strong devotion to family and close religious communities. With two strong and opposing religions, the relationship presented in Arranged is unusual. The biggest factor of what brings the girls together is the traditional push by their family and community for arranged marriages. In a growing culture of "freedom" the…

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