Essay about The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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Personal Reaction The Chosen by Chaim Potok inspired me in multiple ways. While it may not share the same place in my heart as other novels and stories, I cannot deny the brilliance in this work. The theme of silence versus conversation really hits me. This mild obsession with silence started a few years ago. Somewhere between the age of eight and twelve I read a book by Sarah Dessen. This book, titled Just Listen, introduced the importance of silence to me with a single quote. “Silence is so freaking loud.” In a more somber way, this story also hits home to me, and quite literally too. Danny’s relationship with his father and Reuven’s relationship with his in a way could be compared to my own relationship with both of my parents. When I realized this it was very hard-hitting. I had a moment where I simply could not believe this connection. However the more I thought about it, I realized it was true to a point. My father is very stoic, and hardly shows emotion. When he does show emotions it comes across very intensely, be it in an angry or a distressed way. He relates to Reb Saunders in this way. My mother compares to David Malter similarly. She is very caring and will talk to me about anything. I know for a fact she has stressed out worrying about her children when they have been ill; however, Mom also has the same sort of compassion that Reb Saunders has.

Scholarship For me, school has always been important, and I have always enjoyed learning. In elementary…

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