The Children Of The Forest Essay

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“The Children of the Forest” The Children of the Forest are an ancient race of supernaturals in Westeros. They were last seen over 8,000 years ago and are introduced in A Song of Ice and Fire as nothing more than a fairy tale, believed to be long extinct. Similar to the Ancient Celts, they were once the indigenous race of Westeros and following a war between the First Men they were forced to retreat to the fringe of Westeros, “beyond the Wall,” where their history turned into legend which turned into folklore over the thousands of years they remained in isolation. In Martin’s book, The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones, he describes them as “small as Children but dark and beautiful,” facing similar discrimination as the Celts based upon an established binary, “they lived in a manner we might call crude today…” (Martin 5). Because the “maester” that is recording this “historical” accompaniment to Martin’s novels is writing through the lens of the conqueror, it makes logical sense that he would maintain a postcolonial view of the indigenous ‘Children’ due to the fact that history is always dictated by the winners.
Within A Song of Ice and Fire the Children of the Forest are developed through the point of view of “Bran” Stark, a crippled child, who discovers that they are far more than legend, are still very much alive and will ultimately have a huge impact upon his maturation and destiny. They refer to themselves as “those who sing…

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