The Chase Essay

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Cristian Cobb Meaning
3. The pursuer represents a competitor or an opponent to Dillard. This is because as she was running, she compared his strategy of chasing them to how children played football: flinging yourself wholeheartedly into what you are about to do. Also, with her description of the chase as adrenaline rush, it further implies that she enjoyed the chase and respected the man for attempting to run after her and her friend. She respects him because he never gave up during the Chase; any other adult would have given up after a bit.
4. Dillard describes the “chewing out” as redundant because the adult that caught up to her would always lecture her on her bad behavior and was a common idea of any adult correcting a bad
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The story is told from this perspective because the language and the thought process that she displayed in the writing was that of a seven year old. The language and thought process lacked the complexity and sophistication of an adult. The exaggeration of the distances and the lack of understanding of relative distances during the chase also suggest that the narrator of the story is quite young. Dillard’s essay also displayed imagery relating to children’s activities and the chase, a childish scheme, comparing it to an adventure in Panama. Language
2. The contradiction in the first statement is that Dillard suggests that she enjoyed getting in trouble from throwing snowballs. This can be because she felt thrilled from running away and the feeling of being potentially caught as she describes in her chase and probably enjoyed the frustrated looks of the adults who fell victim to her pranks. Another paradox in the story is when she wrote “reverted into the natural solitude of children.” This is a paradox because children are known to be very sociable, but this concept can be true because they can return back to their own imaginary worlds and perspectives of life before they attack the next car.
3. The strong verbs in paragraph twenty are appropriate because the chase has ended and Dillard now has the ability to truly reflect on what has occur and why it was so unique and special as compared to other times she threw

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