The Characters Of ' Wicked Witch ' Essay

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In order to fully understand both characters, it’s important to look at their historical originals. One way to do this would be by considering common story archetypes, as discussed heavily by Professor Eiland in his mythical archetype list. The Other Mother fits very many of these archetype, so much so that it would be difficult to rank the accuracy of one over the other. In one way, she acts as the “temptress”, goading Coraline into staying in the other world with outfits, toys, and food, rather than any sort of sexual seduction that’s typical of that particular archetype (Eiland). In some ways the Other Mother resembles the “Wicked Witch” as well, seeing as he ultimate goal is to use her powers to cause Coraline’s demise, but unlike a normal “Wicked Witch”, she doesn’t do so out of spite or jealousy (Eiland), but rather a desire or need to feed off Coraline’s capacity for love, and her life force. It was tempting to just place the Other Mother in the “Evil Stepmother” role and leave it at that, since she is quite literally the “other” mother, and has ultimate ill wishes towards Coraline. However, even that doesn’t sit quite right, as the Other Mother seems to quite genuinely want to make Coraline happy in the beginning, even if that’s just for her own personal benefit. And unlike the “Evil Stepmother”, her end goal is not to get rid of her child. So, the best description for the Other Mother would have to be the “Devil”, a character embodied by evil, who tempts the main…

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