The Characters Of Telemachus On The Land Of The Odyssey

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1. Nausikaä is the name of the princess who helps Odysseus in the land of the Phaiakians.

2. The Cyclops who traps Odysseus and his men in the cave was named Polyphemus.

3. On the one side of the strait was Scylla the monster with six heads on the Italian and on the other side was Charybdis the whirlpool off the coast of Sicily. Odysseus had to make a choice as to which hardship he and his men would endure in order to complete their journey.

4. Odysseus is the son of Laertes and Antickleia.

5. The fugitive that meets Telemachus on his departure from Sparta is a man named Theoclymenus.

6. Athene proves to be a very helpful goddess to Odysseus on his great journey home this is evident when she is on mount
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She also disguises herself as Mentor and tells Telemachus to go search for information on his father in Pylos and Sparta. Once Odysseus departures from the Phaiakian land and makes his way to Ithaca is covered by a cloud to protect him when he sleeps on the shores of Ithaca, this is done by Athene. She appears to Odysseus as a girl and informs him that he is in the land of Ithaca. This is when he is back in Ithaca. She then reveals her true self to him and applauds his lies.
He acknowledges some of the times that she has helped him in the past to get through his journey. Here she gives him old age as a disguise so that he will be able to walk in his home without being recognised and killed by the suitors. Athene goes to Menelaus palace to find Telemachus and tell him to return back to Ithaca, she also warns him about the ambush that the suitors have done to kill him on his return. She tells him to go to the servant hut Eumaios but does not tell him that his father has returned and will be waiting for him

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