The Characters Of Life In Fredrick Douglas's Life?

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In Fredrick Douglas’s life he was moved around, sold and, traded much like a trading card. While in each location one being different from the other, he was exposed to different kinds of environments. These environments would affect the way he would act and carry himself, all the way from the plantation in Talbot County Maryland, to Baltimore and, to New York. Each place had an impact on him mentally and physically.
Fredrick was born on a plantation in Tuckahoe Maryland. His age is unknown because slaves were usually never told their age. At a very young age, he was separated from his mother. “I never saw my mother, to know her as such, more than four or five times in my life; and each of these times was very short in duration, and at night”(10).
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After arriving to his new home in Baltimore he was stunned by his new master and how kind she was. “I was utterly astonished by her goodness. I scarcely knew how to behave towards her” (33). Fredrick had been accustomed to kneeling down before them and not being able to speak. Now in the presence of his new master, a white woman who had never owned a slave before. Life in Baltimore for the next seven years was going to be a very big change for Fredrick. “During the time, I succeeded in learning to read and write” (37). Instantly Frederick is put into a position that he would have never expected to be in, but he is very eager to learn. Unfortunately this is going to be cut short, but he is still able to teach himself and soon learns to read and write at another level. As time goes on though this sweet hearted lady will change completely. "Under its influence, the tender heart became stone, and the lamblike disposition gave way to one of tiger-like fierceness"(38). Even the most kind hearted people would change their morals after owning a slave for such a short time and it is. He also tell stories of how he regrets his life and how he doesn’t want to exist. After his seven years in Baltimore he will move on to live in New York which was a free …show more content…
"I was afraid to speak to anyone for the fear of speaking to the wrong one, thereby falling into the hands of money-loving kidnappers, whose business it was to lie in wait for the painting fugitives"(86). Although it was a free state there would still be a constant fear for all the slaves who have escaped their master. Frederick would adopt the motto as "Trust no man!". This would pay off and he would find a man who was no kidnapper but the exact opposite named Mr. Ruggles. "Mr Ruggles was very deeply engaged in the memorable Darg cases, as well as attending to a number of other fugitive slaves devising ways and means for their successful escape"(87). This was the first white man that was dedicated to helping slave fugitives and it must have been quite a surprise for Frederick seeing that he has been nothing but dehumanized by all of the other white men he has come across by. Mr Ruggles would give Frederick advice and told him to move to New Bedford. "I found many, who had had not been seven years out of their chains, living in finer houses, and evidently enjoying more comforts of life"(90). This was what Frederick was looking for his entire life and he was finally there. It was a huge relief for him to finally be a free man and have some control of his life.
Through all of the different locations that Frederick lived in such as the plantations, the city, and New Bedford he had a taste

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