Essay about The Characteristics Of Hyperthyroidism Are Treatable

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The overactive characteristics of hyperthyroidism are treatable and many of the symptoms could go without medical care due to the frequency of these symptoms due to many different causes. There are quite a few different medications (also known as antithyroid medications) that patients who are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism can take to control the symptoms. Medications are the most common treatment, because of their accessibility and convenience for the patients. It is more common to have a slight abnormality and little to no noticeable symptoms rather than the extreme indications. Typically, most patients with hyperthyroidism are only slightly hyper-, making it easy to give one of the most prescribed medications in America, synthroid, which acts as a synthetic version of thyroid hormones (Kane, 2010).
There is also way to ablate the thyroid gland using Iodine-131. In thyroid ablation, the ending results are simply inhibiting the production of thyroid hormones. Essentially, you are simply killing thyroid tissue so that it is no longer able to function as before. With this, ablation all or some of the thyroid could either put the patient in to hypothyroidism, which is when there are not enough thyroid hormones secreted, or put the patient within the limit of pharmacological treatment. Either way, the patient will be on synthroid or something along the lines of it.
There are also surgical treatments in which the thyroid and bed that it sits in on the trachea are removed…

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