Essay on The Characteristics Of Human Behavior

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The characteristics of human behaviour in today’s society are a differential example of how society was seventy years ago in terms of technological use. Since the invention of the fixed telephone in the early 19th century and further on, the 21st century advent of the mobile phone, this has further on influenced social change within the interaction and communication abilities of diverse generations of youth (Flinchy, 1997). This essay will examine and compare the use of mobile phones between Generation Z and the use of the telephone in the Silent Generation known as Generation Builders. Capabilities such as communication, behavioural standards of youth will further be examined in this essay. Complimentary to this, two retirees, Drex and Jacqueline Tottman, Drex ex chief executive of the Adelaide CDEP and ex business executive for Uncle Toby’s as well as Jacqueline a former manager of Windmill Education have been interviewed as primary sources.
Social change is evident in the way Generation Z use mobile phones compared to Generation B in terms of communication and interaction. According to the Australian Media and Communications Authority (Raco, 2015) 89% of Australian teenagers now own a cell phone, whilst 69% correspondently own a smart phone. On the contrary, the Generation Builders had not owned mobile phones. As it wasn’t a trend till the 1990’s, the Silent Generation grew up in the age of the telephone. The use of the telephone and the mobile phone is to effectively…

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