Theseus Character Analysis

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A hero’s story affects the lives of the people close to them and gives hope to the people who hear their story. It’s one thing to do a good deed, it’s an entirely different situation to complete this deed to honor their heist age and protect people they care about. Theseus captures these very precious elements of a hero. His incredible strength gave him incredible courage in the face of danger. His trust in the god’s ways made him very clever and able to make intelligent decisions to help his people.

A heroic character is one who uses their incredible abilities for the good of the people they care about and stand in the face of danger. Their bravery and strength prevails throughout all of the good and the bad. Theseus perfectly embodies
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This simple way of transportation was too easy for Theseus. He wanted to prove himself ,not only to his father but to everyone in Greece that he was a hero of equal importance as Hercules himself. The only way to show his worth “The journey was long and very hazardous because of the bandits that beset the road.” This road would hold many individuals who who do deeds that seemed savage to Theseus, so every monster and villain he encountered he punished. His punishments were led by this simple rule “ what each had done to others, Theseus would do to him.” (210) For example, the murderer Sciron would kick his people off of a cliffside, where they would die in the sea. Theseus reciprocated this action but firstly humiliated the villain by making him wash his feet before kicking off into the sea. This mindset is what compels every hero to help people and avenge the innocents who fall to purposeless evil. Theseus does these horrible things not because the are easy, but because they make the world a better place for others who pass by. His strength and bravery go hand in hand as he faces down monsters and bandits along his …show more content…
This is another strong quality for a hero because a true hero always has a quest that they must complete or they face dire consequences. Theseus is a special example because he has many stories and quests that he goes on through his life. The first quest is one he bestows upon himself; to rescue the people of Athens from the scornful King Minos and his awful Minotaur. This is a perfect opportunity for Theseus to prove his merit to his father and to do something important with his incredible strength. When the tributes to be sent to the Minotaur were chosen, “ Theseus came forward and offered to be one of the victims. All loved him for his goodness and admired him for his nobility.” (212). This quote perfectly exemplifies why these amazing heroes went on these quests, because not only did Theseus volunteer himself after just getting to meet his father, but people then admired him for his brave action. There was no way to know what the strength of the Minotaur was like and whether or not Theseus could even defeat it, but Theseus decided to go about this all on his own and find a way to save his newly found father from the treacherous King Minos. This quest was Theseus’ own right of passage. His journey to his father was a very small demonstration of his strength and cunning because he only dealt with weak mortals. Now he would be traveling to an

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