What Makes Odysseus An Epic Hero

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Many people have told me what makes an epic hero. Strength, courage, and achieving immortality. When I heard about all of these traits one person came to mind when they said them, Odysseus. Odysseus is a Greek soldier that fought in the war against the Trojans, and because of him, the Diomedes were victorious in the war. Yet, that wasn't the end for Odysseus, he and his men faced many challenges on their way back home. In some cases, because Odysseus was cunning and resourceful, he saved his men, However, in some cases, his crew was killed because of Odysseus. Besides that, Odysseus was still an example of an epic hero, because he was intelligent during the war, had amazing strength, and was resourcefulness.

When Odysseus was in the war, he and his men were trying to devise a plan to capture Troy once and for all and to finally end the war. According to Greek mythology, it was Odysseus' idea to build a giant wooden horse and present in front of the gates of Troy. Yet, when the Trojans brought in the wooden horse, they didn't know that Odyssues and his men were hidden inside the belly of the horse the whole time. When the Trojans brought them in, they broke out in war and fought the Trojans and in the end, Odysseus had won and have captured Troy, ending the war.
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On the way however, they stumbled across the land of the Lotus-Eaters and encountered a cave. When they were in side of the cave, they realized that a cyclops named Polyphemus lived there and killed some of Odysseus men. Odysseus cunning nature, was able to defeat and kill the cyclops and saved his men. Yet, what Odysseus didn't know was that Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon, and when he found out that Odysseus has killed his son, he was enraged. so when Odysseus and his men set off for home, Poseidon threw storms toward them which killed all of Odysseus men and left only

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