Essay about The Character Of Odysseus 's ' The Odyssey '

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The Character of Odysseus

Odysseus endures suffering on his journey in The Odyssey, a challenge that develops loyalty and perseverance and fosters moral growth. After spending two decades in the city of Troy after the Trojan War because “Helios, the Sun God, took away the day of his homecoming” (27), Odysseus is finally allowed the opportunity to return to his home in Ithaka as “that very year came in which the gods had spun for him his time of homecoming” (27). However, the trek home is not easy, and making a successful return tests Odysseus’s strength, determination, and courage. Odysseus’s character is first tested when his homecoming is prevented by Kalypso, a nymph who detains him, “desiring that he should be her husband” (27). Spending seven years as Kalypso’s captive, Odysseus says she “received me and loved me excessively and cared for me, and she promised to make me an immortal and all my days to be ageless, but never so could she win over the heart within me” (91). Although he submits to her physical temptations, Odysseus only truly desires his wife, Penelope, and denies Kalypso’s offer of immorality. Despite the appeal of Kalypso’s proposal, his determination does not weary as he “longs for his wife and his homecoming” (27). His decision to remain loyal to his wife demonstrates the strength of Odysseus’s morality and character, which will only increase as he faces hardship after hardship on the long voyage home. Kalypso warns Odysseus of the many obstacles ahead…

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