Family And Relationship Analysis

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The previous chapters have been building and giving us terms to use for the different relationships in our life, including family. Chapters 8, 9, and 10 are about family, children, and relationships. What I enjoyed most about these chapters is being able to see how things changed and relate it back to my life. From chapter 8 there was a part about how the age when the average person has their first child went from 21 years old in 1970 to 25.4 years old today, 25 is when I want to get married and then start my family. Chapter 9 the chapter that I got the most from because it talked about different households and how children were raised. How I was raised growing up is very different from how my youngest siblings 5&1/2 and 1&1/2 are being raised. …show more content…
If the treatments do not work or are not an option some families try surrogacy, where someone else carries their child for them. Then there are the amazing people who open up their homes to as many children they can, foster homes, although not all of them are that nice some are and it gives children a place to call home until they are adopted or age out of the system. One last type of parenthood this chapter talked about is delayed parenthood which has been becoming more common. With the change in economy, family structure, and how households are being ran some families decide to wait to start their family. A common reason that people wait nowadays to have a child is because of wanting to go to school and start their careers first. Another reason is that people do not want to have a child with a guy and then break up so they delay …show more content…
The world is always changing so of course how children are raised and by who they are raised changes too. Nowadays both parents have to return to work sooner than they had in the past, which means someone else might have to watch the child unless they are one of the few families that work it out so they work opposite schedules and one is always home with the child. I have a coworker that returned to work when her daughter was 10weeks old because she needed to be making money too, even though she was still healing from the whole

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