Essay on The Change Of The Today 's Modern Society

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In today’s modern society, there are many different ways in which one can identify oneself. Previously, it had commonly been known that to most there are two sexes and therefore two genders. However, as our society continues to develop, there has been an emergence of different ways in which people are starting to identify themselves that does not necessarily fit solely within the male or female category. This is where people who identify as transgender come in. For someone who is transgender, transition may be a strong, possible option. Along with this transition and transgender lifestyle come many changes that not only affect the physicality of the person but also the psyche as well. Transgender has been described as when a person’s gender identity does not match that person’s assigned sex category (Aulette 535). For Max Wolf Valerio, this was very true. Max was originally born a female named Anita, who had always seen and described himself as one of the male gender. It wasn’t until later on in life that Valerio decided to undergo the transition from female to male, which places Valerio in the category of people who are considered transmen. Transmen (or malt-to-female transgender persons) are those who were assigned the female sex at birth, but who identify as male (Aulette 535). Upon discussing his story with others, Valerio states that he “…doesn’t actually believe that gender is ‘fluid,’ I do know that identity can be multiple, complex, and dynamic” (Valerio…

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