the change in football from 1850's to today Essay

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Evaluate critically the impact of socio-cultural factors that have influenced the growth and development of association football from 1850 to today.

The 1850’s saw drastic changes to most of Britain, the major change being the huge increase in urbanisation which was key to the development of association football. This was because the people of the urbanising areas ended up being in small spaces for the sheer number of people there was. This was only enhanced by the movement of rural-urban migration as people sought both work and a new life in the newly growing towns and cities. In the 1860’s -1880’s the Saturday half day was introduced and by the 1880’s everybody was entitled to the Saturday half day, this meant that people had more
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This is where working class were taken out their work to go and train with their team and the football club would pay the wages of how long they miss off work. This meant that the standard of football improved drastically as teams were able to train midweek, as a consequence more people went and watched therefore there was more money being passed over at the gates. This became a circle of paying players wages to get off work until they weren’t working that much at all. The decision was made to take football to full time and clubs would pay similar wages to their previous jobs but clearly it was a more desirable job than a 666 worker.
Obviously to be able to play against other teams, transport played a massive role and the development of the railways in the 1830-1850’s made playing other teams possible. The railway stretched across Britain and this allowed the formation of the ‘away days.’ Although media was minimal at this point in time the start of trains being used meant national papers could be read across the country which allowed many supporters follow their team by reading the papers which increases interest in football even more. Equipment also began to improve in football as proper kit was created for each team and football boots were also made, and the

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