The Chanel Under The Chador Analysis

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The recent rise of Pan-Islamic fervor and radical identities due to the recent events involving global terrorism, underpin the importance of scholars to highlight the misperceptions of Islam as a unitary ideological entity whose beliefs and practices are one in the same. In fact, such beliefs come from a limited knowledge of historical information regarding Islam and its varied practices around the world. Islam does not have one flavor, but in truth is a diverse cohort of situated cultural, political, and socio-economic factors that interplay with one another in defining themselves. Islam is very much a diverse, multi-leveled, modern religion, who tenants don’t preach violence. The violence we see today is a manifestation of entities, diverse in nature, creating their own radical ideologies to parallel all other islamic beliefs and values. Using the notions that Islam is in fact a diverse religion and that its has a …show more content…
Sciolino writes about her interactions with a few of Teheran 's high ranking women and their lives under the Islamic rule. Describing the clothing that the women wear under their black Chadors as being high fashion suits, and fancy branded shoes of Western origin, Sciolino delves into asking the women how they feel about the current state of Iranian politics and the role of women in the administration of power. While the women admit that having to wear the chadors in public is not where they would like to be in terms of rights , their fight for having women in leadership positions, being able to workout in public, and being able to wearing Western clothing is a step in the right direction. The underlying notion that Sciolino drew out of the interview with the women was that they were trying to find ways in which they could fight for equality amongst women and men while still abiding by religious

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