The Challenges Of Sexism And Discrimination Against Black Women

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Within history women always struggled to gain respect, equality, and want the same rights as men. Women had to go through years of sexism and struggle to get to where we are right now. The struggle was very difficult for women of color because not only were we dealing with issues of racism, but also sexism. Many movements have helped us black women during the past centuries to overcome sexism, racism, and the battles that were set against us. But although these movements helped the black woman it did not abolish the racism altogether. Black women have come a long way since the past. With today 's society I now have a voice and am being heard. I have a lot more rights and opportunities now than I would probably have. Look at our election today a woman is finally running for a position in the white house in the past that would be complete shock and would not be tolerated by the men in power. Although it’s great that women are blossoming being a black woman is difficult and that comes with a lot of disadvantages in my life and I had to learn that the hard way. Sexual discrimination for example especially against Black women In the United States, is too often seen …show more content…
It amazes me how racism is still embedded in our daily lives and we don’t even acknowledge or see it. It was amazing to learn that because some companies get government money for hiring and fulfilling their black workers within that company they hire them just for that money. That drives me to be angry and want change but how is change going to happen if the people in power are the ones in charge of our paychecks. Blacks have so much more inequality when it comes to gaining power and money, especially the black woman. You rarely see black woman ceo and that says a lot. The white men will always be in charge and have more power and will be many too few against the black

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