The Importance Of Charter Schools

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Coming back to New Orleans was a hard decision to face. After Hurricane Katrina, parents had such a headache dealing with recovering and rebuilding. Another headache parents dealt with was deciding on which schools to send their kids to. The choices parents had was charter schools or public schools. For parents making sure that their children attend to a good school was one of the most important decision to make. A school that their child can thrive, fits into the environment comfortably, and that can receive a great education. A school where teachers are highly experienced and qualified to teach their children was important in making the decisions. Some obstacles that parents face is does charter schools leave out any students? does the turnover of teachers help students academic progress? and how well do charter school students …show more content…
She also states that “having a job at a charter school is not having a secure job”. Because teachers can be fired if the school feels that they are not up to par in academic performances. One thing in her article that do not sit right with many, is that when the teachers are fired or let go, it is on every June 1st., meaning that it will be too late to jump into teacher’s season, which around the month of March. There is no way teachers’ turnover can help students academic progress. Think about it, once your children are accustoming to one way of teaching during a semester and then in a blink of an eye the teachers and the ways they taught are gone. At that point, new teachers are brought in, new teachers with different teachings only disrupts the learning process. Interrupting students learning skills can hinder their performance verses firing

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