The Challenge Of Breaking My Right Foot Essay

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When I was twelve year of age, I faced the challenge of breaking my right foot. Therefore I had to overcome everyday tasks and obstacles like mobility and sanitation. These challenges impacted my everyday well-being which was difficult to coup and become accustom to. My options became scarce due to my mobility which was the greatest challenge of the all.

It all started in the summer of 2013 when I was riding my bicycle around my neighborhood with my brother and sister. We decided to separate so my brother and sister went in a different direction. While I ventured off on my own I decided to take a shortcut to attempt to catchup with my brother and sister quicker but as I sped up on my bicycle I lost track of my pace and my right foot got caught on the pedal causing me to crash. As the adrenaline wore off I was in severe pain which caused me to screech for help hoping that my brother and sister would hear me or possible a neighbor however, after several minutes of waiting and hoping that my brother and sister would come I noticed a women outside on her cellphone in her yard near to where I crashed my bicycle, but tragically I believed she didn’t hear my cries for help so I took it upon myself to find a way to get home. As I attempted to stand on my feet and apply pressure to my foot I realized that I must have been severely injured.

After realizing my injury was indeed severe I picked my bicycle up using it for support to stumble home. In hope that I could before I…

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