The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Essay

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Positive Parenting: "Is that all it takes?" Absolutely not!
Final Research Paper
Christie Robbins "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that investing in our children is investing in our future. Early childhood investment can reduce social costs. This includes tangible costs such as special education, foster care, welfare, medical care, law enforcement, social security, and social services, and intangible costs such as physical and emotional pain experienced by children with developmental delays and their families (CDC)."
While at a local shopping center recently I witnessed a situation that reminded me of what not to do while using positive parenting strategies. The scene I came across was that of a child, approximately five years old, who was pulling one toy after another off of a shelf. The parent was attempting to replace each toy while repeating to the child, "Do not get any more toys down." The parent was obviously very upset, the child knew that the boundary did not exist, so the child behaved as he saw fit. In a frustrated way, as she was talking to her child, I sensed that she was trying to use positive parenting skills, nevertheless ineffectively. The small family continued their struggle for some time before I moved on with my shopping along with my own young son. I said nothing to my son until he spoke up with the question, "Mom have I ever acted like that?" I had to smile and say, "Not since you were a toddler." I felt a real…

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