Essay on The Center For Disease Control And Prevention

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states, “childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years” (CDC). With the alarming rise in obesity rates, more research is being performed to study childhood obesity and measures to prevent the disease and decrease rates. Many focus on making the correct personal choices such as choosing the right foods and beverages based on knowledge. However, obesity tends to be a much more complex health issue with the modern environments being a large factor on whether one is capable or likely to make positive decisions and consume a balanced diet (Eckel, 2003). Interpersonal theories are useful to develop interventions to teach children how to make healthy choices at an early age. The Social Cognitive Theory is useful in creating an intervention to promote consuming water in place of sugary beverages by taking cognitive and environmental factors into consideration. In order to create an effective intervention to promote water consumption in children and adolescents, the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) is very helpful to explain human behavior to create an intervention to make a change. Although the SCT is very comprehensive theory, it lacks the strength to change a behavior and focuses more on explaining it. Yet, it is still useful in that the SCT uses reciprocal determinism, or constant interaction, between personal factors, environmental factors, and the health behavior itself, as the…

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