Essay on The Center For Addiction Treatment

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When it first opened its doors in 1970, the Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) offered a unique viewpoint on addiction. Its members firmly believed addiction was a disease to be treated, not a moral failing to be punished (Center for Addiction Treatment, 2016). CAT has remained a leader in the treatment of addiction, providing modern scientific approaches to the assessment and medical care of patients with addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling (Center for Addiction Treatment, 2016). Their mission for this program is to saving lives and rebuilding families by providing addiction recovery tools (Center for Addiction Treatment, 2016). The Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment (CCAT) is a community-based center for drug and alcohol treatment. According to the charity, CCAT has assisted nearly 1,000 men and women over the past year with his or her recovery journey and rebuilding a stronger, more stable family life. CCAT 's medically monitored detoxification program typically lasts three to seven days, depending upon the individual and the type of substance abused. Following detoxification, patients may enter the 28-Day Short-Term Rehabilitation Program, which consists of educational sessions on various aspects of addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention. The patients also participate in-group and individual therapy, twelve-step meetings, and recreational/social activities to help build a strong network of support in recovery. Following the 28-day program is the…

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