The Cell Phone And Its Impact On The World Essays

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The cell phone has redesigned and impacted the world more than any other type of technological device up to this point in time. It serves as a gateway to future possibilities of which the world has never seen before. Some people argue that these electronic devices have devastated and or desocialized the world as a whole, but ask yourself this. How would the world survive if not for the ingenious design of the cell phone?
Across the globe today, millions upon millions of people either have or have access to a cell phone. According to the 2012 National Communications Census, more than 92 % of people in the United States had a cellular device. Older generations like our parents and grandparents generally like to argue that cellphones have “disconnected” young people from social interaction with friends and family. In all actuality, however, families are more connected than ever thought possible. Take for example Sergeant Nate Sharper, a young marine who shipped overseas in 2013 to the Middle East as part of the Unites States Marine Corp. Without access to a cellphone, Nate would not be able to have any contact with family members and loved ones back home for months maybe even years on end. Cellular communication ,fortunately, allows soldiers like Nate to contact home and talk with family members whenever they desire. This also goes hand- in- hand with people who work away from home and travel and are gone for extended periods of time. Studies indicate that without cell phones…

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