The Celebration Of Plymouth Plantation.1 Essay

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, many Americans as well as Canadians across the North America are steadily looking forward to sitting down with extended family and friends to enjoy an ample amount of homecooked food. They do this in celebration of Thanksgiving; a holiday with the purpose of expressing thanks for the things in one’s day to day life. Now just where did this day of thanks originate from? To gain a greater understanding, and to rule out myths that have evolved over the years, one should take a look back in history to the first Thanksgiving commemorated by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. Rather than relying of information that has been passed down and altered over centuries, looking at first hand, primary source documents can give one the greatest understanding of who, what, when, where, and why the first Thanksgiving occurred. The initial look historians have into the first Thanksgiving comes from William Bradford’s, Of Plymouth Plantation.1 This account follows the pilgrim’s day to day lives, their struggles, encounters, and the events that lead to their colonization. This documentation is especially important because William Bradford was known as the governor of the Plymouth colony, and credited with much of its success. This document allows the reader to discover exactly which pilgrims took part in the feast. Bradford supplies a list of all people who make the journey to the new land as well as those who did not survive the first winter.…

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