Comparing Captain John Smith In Virginia And Plymouth Plantation

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The New Beginning
The first British English that came to North America for one thing only, which was money. They struggled to survive because they did not know the new land. In both Virginia and Plymouth Plantation the people travel to a different place to gain what they want and what they didn’t have where they lived. In the story of Virginia it is told in third person. Therefore this is because captain John Smith wants to compliment himself. He wants the readers to see how good and intelligent he is, but in reality he is very mean, and cruel with the people. Unlike in Plymouth Plantation William Bradford decides to tell the story in first person. He does not tell the story in third person because he wants to tell the readers the details and facts about him and the people. Captain John Smith and the people have a bigger advantage to get what they have been searching. They have a bigger advantage because they are military experienced and have better strategies to survive in Jamestown, but in Plymouth William Bradford had no military experience like captain John Smith. The only thing William Bradford was in his colony is that he was the governor of the colony for fifty years. Even though they were not military experienced they did not have to do anything of that to gain what they wanted. They all
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He took people with him, so they could work for him and he would become rich. It made it hard for them to survive because of the harsh winters, lack of fresh water, and spread of disease. Jamestown kept on getting constant attacks from Algonquin. On the contrary William in Plymouth the reason for their voyage was for freedom. They wanted freedom, but not of independence they wanted freedom of religion. Where they lived, they believed in their god but were not allowed to. They were puritans but could not believe in their god. As much as they wanted to, they could

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