The Causes Of Today Environment Status Essay

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The causes of today environment status

The environment is changing exceedingly in a negative way. Human beings have made a

strong impact on the environmental changes. Nowadays, news about the melting of the ice cap,

deforestation, and desertification can easily be seen on the Internet or on the television daily.

According to Rachel Carson’s environmental legacy, these statuses are caused by many reasons.

She is known as a famous writer who writes environmental books and books about nature. She is

an example of a strong inspiration to protect the environment. Three of the main causes of

environmental problems are toxic chemicals, global warming and the unpleasant impacts on the

Firstly, the poisonous chemicals has fairly bad effects on the surroundings. Chemicals are

an essential component of people daily lives. We use the shampoo to wash our hair, buy the

cosmetics to do makeup, or purchase hair gel to shape our hair. All of these products contain

chemicals. Humans have introduced a large number of chemical substances into the environment

over the past century. Obviously, some chemicals are useful; nevertheless, a great deal of the

other ones are toxic. Detrimental chemicals can give negative impacts on both human health and

the environment such as killing the trees, or bringing cancer to human beings. Knowing how to

manage the risks by only using safe chemicals is necessary. Rachel Carson mentions plenty of

times about DTT when she explains…

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