The Causes Of Terrorism

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Terrorism has been a phenomenon since the creation of man and colonized Earth. This phenomenon is linked to the existence of social relations between human beings, and linked to the existence of the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, increase and decrease according to the expansion or contraction of circle of human relations. Abnormalities in human actions and behavior of an individual or a group are existing in all times and ages since time immemorial. So this phenomenon appeared in the oldest civilizations in the universe, and so far, the first act of terrorism and violence showed on the earth 's surface was what happened between Son of Adam; since Cain killed his brother Abel, because of jealousy and envy. In the modern era; it has diversified forms of …show more content…
Numerous trends and schools of thought which dealt with the study of the causes of terrorism as global phenomenon , but agrees that the phenomenon of terrorism is complex and has many tangled reasons. Some of these reasons are obvious and the other hidden, and some in the international level, others at the domestic level in each country. The causes of terrorism can be traced to economic, social, security, psychological, educational, and political reasons, but the most complicated who linked only the causes of terrorism to religious and cultural reasons , that meant the religion and culture are the engine of terrorism, it is an exorbitant inexcusable mistake. In spite of these error in their attitude and perception, some government organizations and non-governmental organizations in some great countries adopted this orientation, and made a religion of terrorism suspects and their culture are enemies of that State or society and classified all adherents of that religion as enemies and terrorists, and that 's something

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