American Interventions During World War II

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During World War II, countries were in a race against time to improve technology and war strategies. The race for new innovations all started after Pearl Harbor, and America entered the war. Germans and Americans were preparing for battle with many different new technologies and war strategies. The attack of Pearl Harbor all started because the United States was unhappy with Japan’s attitude towards China. Japan wanted to take over Chinese territory and import market. In 1973, Japan declared war on China. Unhappy American officials put economic sanctions and trade embargos on Japan. American officials never thought Japan would start war on U.S. territory. It would be inconvient, and American officials were confident if there was an …show more content…
For example, the Americans hoped the Japanese would surrender by delivering two atomic bombs. Conditions of surrender were given, where Japanese would not have to fear total annihilation and would be free to choose a political system and develop economy once demilitarized. However, Japan would not surrender, and American policy makers said bombs must be used. Americans released the Little Boy, a 9,700 Uranium bomb above Hiroshima, and important Japanese military and communication center. The bomb caused total devastation for five square miles. Next, Americans bombed Nagasaki, where the Mitsubishi plant had manufactured torpedoes used for the Pearl Harbor attack. The plane dropped a plutonium bomb weighing 10,000 pounds called the Fat Man. Fat Man destroyed three square miles of city. Another American strategy was a combined bomber offense was made by Americans and British to bomb Germans day and night. Sadly though, this organization ended right when it started. The massive formations of planes were easy for Germans to target, and there were many losses (“The Manhattan Project—Its Story and Pryor

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