The Causes Of Anxiety And Anxiety Essay example

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The causes of anxiety are numerous. To compile a list of the causes for anxiety is nearly impossible, moreover, the effects of anxiety can be equally as plentiful. For some people, Anxiety develops without proper understanding or knowledge of the underlying root cause. Effects of anxiety can range from subtle or general anxiety, to debilitating and life shattering panic attacks. The physical symptoms associated with anxiety can then trigger even deeper anxiety, leading to more panic attacks. Anxiety induced panic attacks can appear as if from nowhere during the event. Typically, an underlying cause exists that we may ignore, as well as, not fully understand. Those who suffer from anxiety induced panic attacks can attest; they’re a debilitating stressor that can control one’s life, understanding why they happen is the key to overcoming them.
The thought of medical complications is a worry we have almost no control over, this may lead to extreme anxiety, as well as panic attacks. Panic Attacks by far, are more serious than general anxiety. “An attack makes you feel as if your world is ending” (My Struggle with Panic Attacks). The symptoms vary for many, however, the feeling of dying is often used. The experience of a panic attack is hard to describe as the feeling of death however, one would have to have died to truly use this as a comparison. Those who have experience panic attacks can attest they are less than a minor condition. The fear of something you…

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