The Causes And Effects Of Bullying Among Children In Schools

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Name: Gustavo, Aaron y Chris
Class: Spanish 125
Date: 03/23/16
Work # 2
Professor: Dr. Sandz
Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among people that involves a real or perceived power imbalance (Consideration for specific groups). Bullying is usually a repetitive behavior or it has potential to be repeated in the future especially among children. According to, in order for an act to be considered as bullying there has to be an imbalance of power and the act has to be repeated at least once (Consideration for specific groups). Bullying can consist of verbal, social and physical abuse. Bullying is very common among children in school and among children who others consider as lower class. The national
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And male bullies are more likely to sexually abuse their partners in the future. Helping bullies should also be a goal to prevent their actions and even better their futures. For 8 out of every 10 Latino students to have been bullied by another student or even their teachers are a number that must go down ( People in the community are responsible for shaping the kids of their community and preventing bullying to continue. It is for the better of Latino kids not to be bullied growing up and for them to also not be bullies because either way it could affect them in the long run. Since bullying starts at a young age parents need to talk to their children but also stay connected with them until they are teens while getting involved in their school. Everyone should accept every culture and be proud of their heritage and not let anyone try to put them down for being a part of certain …show more content…
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