Essay on The Cause Of The Civil War

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Final Exam Question 1: Slavery The Cause of the Civil War

Prior to 1830 Slavery was viewed as a necessary evil among many Americans. As a result of the Constitutional Convention the founders banned the importation of new slaves, put a temporary hold on debates to abolish slavery, and instituted the three-fifths rule for federal representation and taxation. The founding fathers, hoped through providence this regrettable evil would eventually become extinct in time (Stamp pg, 157). Following the American Revolution slavery had been on this path and was on the decline in many states. However, the invention of the cotton gin greatly increased the profitability of cotton. Cotton became the main crop produced in the South and transformed slavery into the peculiar institution many Southern states became dependent upon. At the same time the Second Great Awakening inspired abolitionists to use biblical scripture to attack the institution of slavery (Stamp pg, 157). In response, Southerners shifted the defense of slavery away from the necessary evil mantra that had been prevalent prior to 1830. Instead Southerners defended the institution of slavery with an intellectual blockade from abolitionist influence. Furthermore, Southern’s now maintained that slavery was a positive good based on rationals deeply seeded in racism. Specifically Southerners insisted slavey established economic stability and argued it was the natural state of blacks. They also stated slavery was supported by the…

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