The Cause Of Religious Conflict Essay

1479 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
It seems that every day there is a new report about the latest act of terror or brutality occurring somewhere in the world. These events, though they are horrific to hear about, can be hard to grasp as they can seem very foreign or carry no personal connection. However, they are more globally connected than it seems. That connection is religion. Religion has become, just like talking politics at Thanksgiving, taboo. People are afraid to talk about it in fear of offending someone. The topic of theology is a difficult one because for every person it varies in importance and in meaning. As a result of this disunity, religion finds itself in the position to influence major conflicts. This is a huge contradiction of idea and action as many religions promote peace and unity. Essentially, the cause of religious conflict comes down to disagreement, both between religions and between members of the same religion. Disagreement can be sometimes beneficial in that it leads to many technological advancements because multiple viewpoints allow for different solutions to the same problem, but in the case of religion, it is disastrous. When it comes down to it, religion is all about a group’s shared opinion and when that group comes into contact with another whose point of view is different, conflict results. Once we find our own thoughts we get stuck in thinking that our ideas are the only correct ones, then comes the fight to get people to agree with what we do. For most subjects, humans…

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