The Cause And Effects Of Divorce Effects On Children

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In today’s day and age, divorce between married couples is more common than ever before. The number of causes of divorce could be compared to the number of divorced couples out there in the world. A few of the most common divorce causes would be, lack thereof, financial stability, communication and commitment. All in all, divorces effect children the most. The effects within the child could range from emotional issues to behavioral problems. Children tend to pick up on their parent’s bad habits, so they are most likely to divorce eventually. Children also are likely to attain how the divorce effected their parents. These things include stress, resentment and the child could even develop commitment issues. One of the leading causes of divorce …show more content…
Marriage is a team effort. One main cause of divorce today is lack of communication in the marriage. Priorities play a huge role in this issue. Today’s generation is very caught up in technology and social media. A spouse may claim they are “too busy”, to talk. An individual being caught up in work or taking care of children is a part of life, but partners should make time for each other in between work schedules and soccer games. Bottling up feelings begin to happen when two people in a relation are not willing to talk things through. Those accumulated feelings are a time bomb that could explode any minute. The after math? Divorce. Everyone has their disagreements, but when it is a constant struggle and problems remain unresolved, it is time to call it quits. One reason for divorce is incompatibility usually because two rush into the marriage. Incompatibility creates the problem of inability to resolve a conflict, another reason why divorce is so common. Many factors can play a part in lack of communication in a marriage, but that does not justify how necessary it really is. Lack of communication in a marriage is a key factor in a …show more content…
Marrying too young is a factor. Young adults are indecisive and constantly changing. Marrying at a young age is a mistake may make and few marriages last. Convenience should not be an aspect for marriage. Over time, being married is not a big deal, which is when a partner might begin to start taking their loved one for granted. Affection plays a huge role in any marriage and without it the relationship beings to fall apart. It is easy to take for granted someone that has always been there, but divorced couples soon realize after divorce what life is like without that person. Lack of commitment could cause a married couple to just simply give up on one another. This is easier than working things out and making sacrifices for each other. Vows do not get taken as seriouslt as they should. Some married couples do not process the “for better or for worse concept, it is just something that is said at the alter. Commitment would not a problem in married couples if they marry at an appropriate age and know every single detail about their future spouse. The effects of lacking commitment can be bitter. Sure, finding someone new could be exciting, but could come to a heartbreaking end. Second marriages are most likely to split than the first. A book titled “Should I Keep Trying to Work it Out?” is filled with questions, answers, and solution to couples struggling to keep their marriage alive. Dr. William H.

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