Essay about The Case Weems V. The Supreme Court Case

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In the case Weems V. US the US Supreme Court decided that though is has not been determined to what means is a punishment cruel and unusual. It was upheld, however; that the definition should not be held only to the”evil” described by the framers of the constitution. On May 3, 1946, a seventeen year old Willie Francis was convicted and was unsuccessfully executed through the means of an electric chair. Six days after the attempted execution, a new warrant of death was issued and so began the major US Supreme Court case known as the one and only Louisiana Ex rel. Francis V. Resweber. in a 5-4 decision, this act was not cruel and unusual beings that the state of Louisiana had acted in fully good faith while attempting the first execution. The US Supreme Court decided in the case Tropp V. Dulles that the decision of what is cruel and unusual must be living in the sense that the decision is maturing equally with today’s society. Another important US Supreme Court case is the case of Tyson V. Arizona. The US Supreme Court approved the use of capital punishments for convicts that participate in felonies that have a reckless indifferent to lives of innocent citizens. Finally, What happens when a minor is executed? 16 year old Thompson murdered his brother-in-law over accusations that he was domestically abusing Thompson’s sister. Thompson was convicted and sentenced to the ultimate capital punishment. The US Supreme Court decided in a 5-3-1 decision that Thompson’s execution was…

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