The Case Of Shuttlesworth V. Gaylord Essay

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Summary of Facts
Xanadu passes a law that states "All people are welcome at all state-run swimming, beach, and golf facilities, as long as they are white. Non-whites may not use any of those facilities."A week later, the state passes a new law that reads "Because we don 't believe that we are capable of managing integrated swimming, beach, and golf facilities, we are hereby closing all such state-run facilities."
Is the closing other facilities retaliatory based on the lawsuit.
Can the plaintiff proving that the closings were unconstitutional.
Applicable Law In the case of Shuttlesworth v. Gaylord, 202 F. Supp. 59 the court Court has jurisdiction of this cause and the parties thereto. Jurisdiction is properly invoked under Title 28, United States Code, § 1343, Title 42, United States Code Annotated § 1983, Title 28, United States Code, §§ 2201-2202, Title 28, United States Code, § 1331, and the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The suit is properly brought as a class action under Rule 23(a)(1), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.Though so referred to in public discussion, this action is not one to compel integration of the public facilities herein involved. The law does not compel integration, whatever the guise under which relief is sought. It only prohibits governmental enforced segregation.Discrimination in the use and enjoyment of public recreational facilities of any kind or nature owned and operated or owned and leased by the City,…

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