The Case Of Samir Moussa Essay

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Samir Moussa
The case of Samir Moussa illustrates a number of the opportunities and tensions associated with globalization, at both personal and more systemic levels.
Samir’s personal growth has benefited through dimensions such as:
• Expansion of perspectives (“worldview”) - e.g. through growing up in both home and school environments in which differing values were evident, recognized and had to be considered/reconciled;
• First-hand exposure to both difficulties (e.g. impacts of war) and triumphs (e.g. multi-national appreciation of his music); and
• Deep understanding of the pragmatics and realities of diversity.
More systemically, he refers to the impacts of accessibility to other cultures through travel; and the opportunities offered through trans-cultural fusion of education and health sciences.
The ‘flip-side’ of issues such as these, however, can include:
• Overwhelming and eventual loss of indigenous knowledge in areas such as health through the transfer of commercialized approaches, such as ‘big pharma’ crowding out local remedies (e.g. the loss of Don Candido’s scientifically untested but potentially superior remedy for Cutaneous Leishmanaisis);
• Education can be a source of connection and broadening, or through selective curricula, a form of ideological export that overtakes local beliefs – i.e. a vehicle for cultural imperialism (Carnoy, 1975).
• Language can connect societies but, as pointed out earlier in the reading material, can also culturally intrude…

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